Monday, August 07, 2006

Floyd Landis, you are pathetic!

Not that I ever cared about cycling. I can't appreciate a sport where they burn about 11'000 kcal per day and the body can only absorb about 6000 kcal with food, therefore the compensation is done with a glucose-infusion. How stupid can one be?
However Floyd, I followed it when you were buried alive trying to pedal up that hill. You were literally dead. You were not moving and everybody said that was it. Landis has just bargained his chance to win the tour. The next day: whoooaa, what a wonder!! He rushes, he flies, he massacres the rest of the tour. Funny enough it was that day you were tested positive for Testosterone. You said it was natural stuff, produced by your body. But it was proven that it was synthetic. Fact is, you took drugs, man! The officials know it, YOU know it, THE WHOLE WORLD knows it honey! Everybody witnessed it live on TV. Don't you get it? What are you trying to prove now? Do you really believe anybody is ever going to believe you?
I have to repeat one of my statements, that he who still fancies watching the cycling sport must be even more stupid than the cyclist pros themselves. And being as stupid as you are Floyd, I am sure that hurts.

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