Thursday, March 24, 2011

ICAO Technical Cooperation Programme - Procedure Designer required

Here is a request from the ICAO TCB. Anybody who is interested please let me know and I will forward your email to the TCB so they can contact you. Even if you are not particularly interested in the following assignment, you might be interested in other openings in the future. Procedure Designers are quite demanded at this time.
To receive the job description and salary information of this assignment, please email me.


We have the following urgent requirement within our Technical Co-operation Programme for a Flight Procedure Design Expert (OPAS) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for an initial duration of 12 months to commence as soon as possible.

The job description, salary information and other pertinent information are attached.

Kindly email to advise if you wish to be considered, amongst other candidates, for the above post with indication your earliest availability date and prospect of release from your Administration, if applicable.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This is the crap I have to deal with sometimes...

Today I received this great email sent from an address


My name is Engr. Donald Clinton. I want to know if there is any availability for 2 guests who needs Flight Course services. They  are coming for training in your place. If there is availability,  kindly let me know about the dates and the quotes. 

They are looking forward to Arrive on 5th June 2011, get back to  me with an update on the list of the courses you offer, prices and duration for further clarifications. 

Engr. Donald Clinton


My immediate reaction: You don't say, is that right?
So who are you working for? What country?
What do you mean by "guests"? I do not have any guests I just have paying students :-)
What do you mean by "Flight Course"?
No, they are not coming for training in my place, unless I say so and only if the meet ICAO pre-requisites :-)
Who arrives where on June 5? If somebody arrives here on June 5 make sure you tell them about Jungfraujoch and Piz Gloria, because that is all they will be doing, as I will be on holiday.

I did some inquiries on the net and that name was mentioned a couple of times in forums detecting scam. I don't quite get what the intentions are. Maybe something like: You pay us first so we send the candidates :-) Then you will get paid. Bad plan if the target has an IQ that is higher than the scammer's body height in cm...