Friday, October 14, 2022

Job Opening in Iceland

Iceland's ANSP Isavia is hiring a new Flight Procedure Designer. See below for the job ad. Do not ask us about the job or send us anything, contact Isavia directly please.

Avinor (Norwegian ANSP) recruits Flight Procedure Designers

Avinor Instrument Flight Procedure Design is recruiting. If you're an experienced FPD interested in working in one of Europe's most challenging terrain environments, this position might be tailor made for you:

We deliver design services all over the world, and our international team consists of designers from 4 different countries. Avinor FPD is 2017/373 certified.

Thursday, September 01, 2022

2023 "core" courses scheduled

We have scheduled what we call the core courses of 2023. These are:

  • PANS-OPS Basic
  • Advanced PBN
  • Heli PinS
  • PANS-OPS Recurrent/Refresher
  • Flight Validation Pilot
1. The Basic Course of the spring semester now starts later. Starting date is March 1, followed by the 2-week video lecture phase. Then the one-day initiation webinar will be held, before we meet in class some weeks later. Like this the 2 basic courses are more equally distributed over the year.
Also Note: Do not ask us for onsite or additional date private Basic courses. We will not do that as it is logistically too complicated. 

2. The Heli Pins is now a full week as the material in PANS-OPS is more extensive and needs more time.

Please check back later for other courses like ARINC 424, CRM Master Class, AIS/MAP, Regulating IFP, IFP for Managers. We can only schedule them later for coordination reasons.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Flight procedure designer job opening at skyguide

Do not ask us about the job please. We are just distributing the information. Thanks.üb_-&or-Geneva/829227801/