Friday, June 30, 2006

ANI Website Font issue

I just recognised that there is a glitch in the way the ANI site is displayed on most *shiver* Windows-PCs. The Corporate Identity of ANI uses a Font that is not installed on most Computers. However, a stylesheet is included in the site to replace that font with Arial or Helvetica. Now on most Microsoft-driven PCs (how can you guys work with this crap?), the Titles are indicated in a Times font which looks TERRIBLE! We are working on that issue, so if you ever asked yourself why we are using such a strange font for logo and titles, here is the answer. On a Macintosh, the site looks as it should, on a PC it doesn't. Intent was to have all titles in Coop (or Arial, Helvetica, Geneva or similar as replacement if Coop is not installed) and the main body text in Courier.

Un-Beat-able Prophet

My prediction at the beginning of the Football World Cup was: Germany makes the final. The team who wants to prove me wrong is invited to do so. Seen the ARgentina-Germany game? That's what I meant. Who is going to stop them if not Argentina? Italy? I don't think so. They will pay the toll for beating Germany 4-1 in a friendly game recently. Ukraine? I don't think so. They even needed a Penalty Shootout against Switzerland. Not that I necessarily think that the Swiss are worse than Germany (in terms of football...), but that evening the Swiss were harmless.
So I say, Germany wins the title. Any bets?

Database coding in Gunten concluded!

Man, this was great! A very good group, very interactive, great weather, a marvellous location. I am really happy about this event and so is Jim. Yesterday we had to visit the Caves of Saint Beatus (see picture), the guy who I am named after. It was a matter of honour that we almost all had the St Beatus Rösti for lunch :-)
Jim and me were absolutely clear that we have to repeat that course. It is very valuable to us all.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Working hard in the course

We are having a great time in the Database coding class here in Gunten/Switzerland. Jim Terpstra is in great shape and he even got pushed into football by some of the class (see picture). We are getting along well, today is the big session on path terminators. Okay, back to class, see you later!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The heat goes up!

Today, the students for the ARINC 424 Database Coding Course will arrive. The weather is great, it's hot and sunny, everything is set for a great week! I look forward to spending the week with collegues from the procedure design community from all over the world. Hope the weather stays.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why is it impossible to buy a jersey from team Japan?

Okay, those who know me well also know: I like Japan. I like the Japanese People, I love Japanese Food. I have good friends in Japan. I love the Japanese Onsen, the Ryokan, the Shinkansen, I even like the fact that it is unbelievably hot and humid in summer. For this football world cup I wanted to buy a jersey of the Japanese Football team. Because everybody else here is walking around in jerseys from Italy, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, England and of course Switzerland. Very many also wear a yellow, blue and green jersey...
I checked all shops. They had everything. Everything - except the Japanese Jersey. Okay I didn't actually look for Trinidad, so I am not sure they had one. But I wanted a Japan jersey. Well, no luck. This is globalisation at its best. You can have everything everywhere anytime. Except a Japanese Jersey in Switzerland during the Football World Cup in Germany.
However, tonight my heart is with team Japan. I hope they crush Brasil. Also without me wearing the jersey.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

England or Sweden? Or SBAS APV?

Today's principal question is: Is it more difficult for Germany to play Sweden or would it have been easier to meet Beckham an co. in the eighth-finals. Lots of discussions, lots of opinions...
My view is clear: It doesn't matter. Either of them will be waltzed over by the Germans. They are carried by the enthusiasm in their country, by the atmosphere. I know, nobody likes it, but they need to be beaten first. Can Sweden do it? I don't think so, but they are invited to prove me wrong.
SBAS APV? Interesting topic - after July 9th!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm going to the IATS again!

This becomes a habit! I will be presenting a paper highlighting the work of the ICAO Obstacle Clearance Panel Training Workgroup at the International Aviation Training Symposium in Oklahoma City. It seems to become a habit, since I spoke at every IATS so far. I look forward to catching up with Professor Dr. Todd Hubbard, my friend and advisor, education teacher etc. We will be both speaking in the same workshop. If you are interested in the Symposium, visit the IATS website of ATCA.
It takes place next month (hot in OKC!!), July 17-20.

Last minute for the ARINC 424 course!

If you don't know what to do next week, why not join me and Jim Terpstra along with a class of students at the Lake of Thun/Switzerland for the ARINC 424 database coding for procedure designers course? Weather is fine, the lake is warm (okay, it's not THAT warm...) and you can even watch football ;-)
Go to and contact me if you feel like joining last minute.

What's more important, Football or Procedure Design?

Well, it depends... Right now, it's procedure design. Yesterday between 3pm and 5pm it was Football. We beat (beat!) Togo! Yessss! Now let's crush South Korea and we shall advance to the next stage. Cool, I just hope, we don't get the Spanish again (like in 1994)... :-(
They are strong, they could be a candidate for the title. My favourites? Right now after two games each in the following order:

Argentina (because they played great)
Germany (because they're Germany. Remember: Football is a game with 2 teams of 11 players and in the end Germany wins)
Spain (because they played patiently against Tunisia)
Italy (because they are clever)
Switzerland (because in Football even the impossible is possible)
Netherlands (because they finally deserve it)

That's it. Brasil? I didn't know they participated. Ok, but now back to procedure design. No, not me - you!

Introducing the Primary Area

For the Students at the Air Navigation Institute, there is now a protected area with a lot of downloadable information. Course scripts, spreadsheets, working papers and procedure design criteria documents can be found there. Visit the ANI website and send an email to receive access to the Primary Area.

Database coding down under!

This is exciting! ANI's database coder Christian Freiesleben (see his profile on the ANI website) will travel to Wellington to provide the database coding course for procedure designers in the Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific Area.
This will happen August 21 - 25, 2006. If anybody is interested in participating, visit the ANI website