Friday, January 26, 2018

FVP Recurrent

For the trained and State-approved FVPs recuurent training is as much needed as for Flight Procedure Designers. Check the Program of our new FVP Recurrent event held on a yearly basis.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Two new courses for 2018

The first course is our diamond :-)
Many Flight Procedure Designers in the world have a non-flying background. As a result, Designers have a limited understanding of what happens in the cockpit of a modern airliner. How do crews fly the published procedures, what systems are available, what do they show. In order to improve that understanding we have created a course, where you are not only instructed in theory but you actually get to fly an airbus simulator. It will mostly be the A320, but can also be the 330, 340 or 380, depending on availibility.
If this interests you, go to the courses page of the ANI website and look for "understanding the cockpit side". All info you need is there and downloadable and you can register directly for the course, that takes place in December in the Lufthansa Simulator Center at Frankfurt Airport.

The second course is a one day instruction covering the Quality Assurance Process for Flight Procedure Design with the help of a real world example. Furthermore it covers regulatory oversight aspects of the process. As it is a one-day course we will not ask participants to come to us, we offer to come to you. So please request the course to be held on-site.
Same here: all info is available in the "Courses" section on the ANI website for download. Look for "QA and regulatory oversight".

Friday, January 05, 2018

ARINC 424 finally scheduled

This is to announce that we have now scheduled the ARINC 424 course for 2018. It will run in parellel with the Helicopter PinS course, dates are June 11-15, 2018. We have had some good synergy when two courses ran in parallel next door to each other. Instructor will be the one and only Jim Terpstra. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a true icon in the industry.

Note that the new website has everything you need for download:
1. In the calendar you will always see the course venue
2. In the course locations section you have a downloadable info file for the venue, area and how to get there.
3. In the courses section you have a downloadable file with a course description, fees, pre-requisites etc.
4. In the same section you have the T&Cs (to read before registration).
5. Finally you can register directly from the same page for the course.

Monday, January 01, 2018

New Website is live

In time for the start of 2018, ANI launched the overhauled website with some novelties:
Customers who attended a classroom course will now receive access to the online faculty, where they can access a course repository as the ANI has a "no-hand-out concept mainly". New in 2018 are also the live webinars, short seminars or courses with 3 hour modules (or a multitude of it) held live on GoToMeeting. Check it out.