Friday, August 21, 2009

Google Street View

Let me tell you something really absurd: A couple of days ago, Google launched the Street View service for Swiss cities. What a great tool this is! You can virtually walk through streets, check out places you want to go to or you have been to. But Google obviously didn't expect the Swiss privacy paranoia. Street View has a pixeling tool included so faces and car license plates are automatically pixelled and cannot be identified. Now it seems that this protection has some blunders as once in a while a license plate can be read and a face can be recognised. My view: SO WHAT??!! The day you actually were in the street, why didn't you wear a mask then, if nobody is allowed to know that you walked through street XX? Why did you not cover the number plate when you parked that car that day??
The people's view: A scandal! Intrusion of privacy!!
Okay let's think: You parked your car in front of a whorehouse and now that you see it in Street View it pops up in your mind that your wife may not be too impressed and an excuse difficult to find? You are not aware that already a thousand people could have seen the car while it was actually parked there? Well, if you're THAT stupid, then help is difficult.
I find it also quite amusing that people talk about protection of their privacy and personal data, bashing Street View and 2 minutes later publish their holiday pictures on Facebook, buy something on ebay, book a flight online with their credit card and finally close the day by surfing some XXX internet sites. The next day they stick their business card into a box somewhere, because there is an announcement saying, there will be a lottery and the business card that gets pulled wins a Salami...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Corrigendum Nr. 2 to PANS-OPS is available

Dear all,

The first result of the new error reporting process is now out. For those who have no access to the ICAO publications I provide a link to download it:
Corrigendum Nr. 2

Please enter the corrections immediately and log the corrigendum on the page after the cover.