Saturday, October 29, 2016

ANI Services GmbH - Procedure Design Consultancy

Due to the growing demand for flight procedures worldwide, mainly in the PBN domain, but also in Helicopter operations, the Air Navigation Institute founded a subsidiary company, the ANI Services at the end of 2015. As Chief Flight Procedure Designer, one of the most competent and experienced Flight Procedure Designers in Europe could be hired. In the first year of operation, the company already became very busy, leading a large project for PinS procedures at 14 locations and having designed the procedures and assisted the project management for Samedan airport, where the goal is to fly the new approach and departure procedures temporarily at the alpine ski world championships in February 2017.
The workload became so large that we will have another experienced Flight Procedure Designer starting on January 1 2017 with the team. In that light we also decided that a dedicated website for the subsidiary company should be launched. Here it is. It is quite rudimentary at this time and we have some added value planned for the near future. Stuff that is valuable and can be downloaded for free. Important is, that stakeholders are aware that ANI Services can offer such consultancy services worldwide. Due to regulatory issues in some countries this is only possible as a sub-contractor of course.