Friday, December 22, 2006

Everything slow

I just got home after having spent one week at hospital to operate an injury at my hip joint. Everything is okay so far, only I am limited a bit in terms of flexibility. I am not alllowed to do any rotating or abduction movements with my left leg and the angle between upper body and leg cannot be less than 110°. Which gives a whole new perspective to life, believe me. It means I cannot sit down on a normal chair, because that would be an angle of 90°. Same applies for certain bathroom activities...
I cannot tie any shoes, I cannot put on socks without a special tool. If I drop something on the floor I need another special tool to pick it up. Going to bed is an athletic adventure and so is coming out of the bed.
In other words, my life goes by in slow motion and right now in that hectic time before christmas it shows me how crazy people are. When I go out for a (slow) walk I see the people stressed, running around etc. And somehow it feels like the total opposite of the feeling that the pre-christmas time radiates with all those nice decorations and lights.
My advice to all: slow down and relax a bit. Even if if you can go to and out of bed normally.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Mission completed again

Hi All,
I sit here in Fukuoka in my hotel room, after having finished a long course, a PANS-OPS basic. You know, they are 2 times 3 weeks with a break in between. This time the break was planned around an OCP meeting in Singapore, so all in all I have been on the road in Asia for two months now. It is always the same after a long course/trip like that: a weird mix of feelings. On one side I am happy the course is done and I could help a big class to achieve their training objectives. I am also glad to see my people at home again after a while, I look forward to sleeping in my own bed and I look very much forward to the Christmas holiday, as it has been a very good, but very busy year and I need a break.
On the other hand I also feel sad to leave what has become a part of my life during the last two months: my hottel room, the students, the supermaket next door, the old train that takes us into Fukuoka City, the female voice that announces the stations (about 20 seconds in Japanese, 3 seconds in English... anybody seen "Lost in translation?").
So it's always a farewell to something that became part of the life for a while. Ok, you could say I am used to it, as I constantly do this. I am used to it and I know what's gonna happen at the end of such a course. Nevertheless, the feeling comes and is quite strange. I think it makes me realize everytime that life means motion, moving on, and that we cannot hold on to the past.