Friday, December 16, 2016

International IFP Conference Lisbon, June 6-8, 2017

Dear All,

The ANI organizes a small conference for Flight Procedure Design to allow some exchange of ideas, discussions. This will be held in Lisbon in the Training Center of Nav Portugal near the Airport. It is not meant to be a commercial operation for us, we will however charge a participation fee to cover the overhead for the organization of the event. No worries, it will not be high and we shall communicate it as soon as we open the registration.
Important: It is not a large event, we have 40 seats, so early booking will be crucial. First come, first served. Also we deliberately did not shop for any sponsorship.

Those who know me will be aware that I am not a big fan of "death by Powerpoint". So I will make sure the speakers on stage will be people who have understood my lecture "presentation technique", which is avalable for free on the ANI website.

I foresee the speaking slots to be 20 minutes long and we will make sure NOBODY tries to put in like 90 slides in that period (20 minutes allows for 7 to 10 slides for someone who has understood didactics...). Then we will have a moderated discussion period about the topic of equal length. At such events often I see too much time allocated for some speaker and not enough to discuss.

Good. Reserve the dates already if you with to participate, I will work on the program and annonce as soon as registration will open.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

ARINC 424 Spring 2017

I am approached by a number of people regarding the next ARINC 424. Here is the plan: Tentative dates at the moment are May 8-12. This is immediately after the advanced PBN fixed wing course and in parallel with the Heli PinS course. This allows people interested in the advanced PBN and the ARINC to do both with one trip. The folks joining for the Heli PinS will be able to enjoy some joint sessions with the ARINC 424 class.
I am currently coordinating this with the instructors. Likely, Jim Terpstra will be lecturing the ARINC 424. I keep you posted.