Monday, October 26, 2009

Software providers, put some warm clothes on!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see the new Flight Procedure Design tool PANADES (PANS-OPS Airspace Design and Evaluation System) from the Japanese company NTT data. Just to let you know what kind of company we are talking about: NTT data is a subsidiary of NTT with 7500 employees (!) and the development team of that software had roughly 35 people available. What do you think is the quality of a tool like that? This company is in a position to invest a lot into development an also does not need to be profitable within the first year or so. They have time...
So right now when we have only one big player on the IFP software market (FPDAM) and just two small players to be taken seriously (PDtoolkit and PHX, all the others: let's FACE IT, it is as I say) the market will probably came to live when PANADES is going public.
For those who are interested in that tool, they will be showing it at ATC global. From what I saw it is a really good tool, with a high degree of automation, but nothing hidden in the blackbox. You can reveal the calculations and obstacle assessment methods at anytime. Furthermore it's the only tool that I ever saw that fully complies with the PBN concept and has automated design functions for RNP AR. They will have a website public in about 2 weeks, I keep you posted.