Friday, March 05, 2021

Working with the ICAO Instrument Flight Procedures Panel?

The ICAO Headquarters has a job announcement of high importance. Amongst other interesting duties in the OPS Section of the Air Navigation Bureau, this position includes the Secretariat of the Instrument Flight Procedures Panel IFPP. This means, as the Panel Secretary you have an important role for the functioning and the efficiency of this high level expert group. You will closely collaberate with myself as the Chairperson of the IFPP as well as the Rapporteurs of the individual sub-working groups. You will ensure the coordination between the IFPP and other Panels/Secretariats. During the meetings you will sit with me for coordination and you will produce the meeting report.

As said, this is just one aspect of the job, in the light of the IFPP. Everything else you will find here.

And no, I have nothing to say about who they select, so please do not write to us about it. Thanks.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

News on the ANI Harder Challenge

Unfortunately nobody could compete on the challenge for almost a year now. I updated the page for it and also opened a new route from Unterseen. I did a first benchmark time on it bit it will be trashed once students come here and do their runs. It is impossible to be really fast right now as there is still loads of snow in the upper quarter of the path. We can expect very similar times on the Unterseen route as we have on the classic one. I have also added some pictures of the rewarding view once you have faced the torture and get up there. I intend to open a third route as well, keep you posted. Check out the page