Tuesday, February 26, 2019

New ANI courses in the Fall Semester

I am currently writing the concept of two new courses that we will schedule in the Fall Semester.
The first one is "Regulating Flight Procedure Design", a one week course aimed at Regulators, helping them to perform their duties according to the State Responsibilities set forth in Annex 11 and all the consequences.
The second one is "PANS-OPS and IFP Design understanding for Managers". This is a course I long rated as unnecessary as I feared that it could be abused as a short cut for a full PANS-OPS IFP Design Training. In the mean time I think this will not be the case and in my opinion it is vital that Team Leaders, Section Chiefs and whatever they are called today have a rudimentary understanding of what is happening in their teams.
Watch out here for further information very soon. It is also highly likely that we will provide another advanced PBN course in the Fall Semester. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

IFP Conference Agenda published

The IFP Conference/3 takes place in Dublin at the Headquarters of the Irish Aviation Authority June 11-13, 2019. Note that the session on June 13 is dedicated to the General Assembly of the newly founded International Flight Procedure Design and Validation Association IFPDAVA (www.ifpdava.org, this is also where you can find the ToR of the association).
The event is jountly organised by the ANI and IFPDAVA. The program can be doenloaded from
the ANI website, where you can also register.

IFPDAVA Members benefit from a cheaper fee. Non-members can sign-up with the registration.
Members are entitled to send requests for the agenda or the General Assembly until April 30 please.
We look forward to seeing you in Dublin!