Tuesday, May 05, 2015

ANI cooperates with the Stadthaus and TV-Chef René Schudel

I am very excited to start cooperating with René Schudel, award-winning Chef (Best of Swiss Gastro Award)  and known from a number of TV-Shows. The "Funky Kitchen Club" was shown for 5 seasons on Pro7 and his new show "Flavorites" is currently in the third season on Pro7. Furthermore René was an eventual member of the jury in the ZDF show "Küchenschacht" (Kitchen battle).
René runs the two restaurants Benacus and Stadthaus in Unterseen/Interlaken, both located next to each other.

The Stadthaus
The bottom line is that the ANI will start to run courses in the Stadthaus building (see above), where there is an excellent training infrastructure available, fitting perfectly the training needs we have. The very exciting thing is that we now can offer lunch and/or dinner options bookable together with the course. But let me first explain a bit more about the training venue itself:
Unterseen can be seen as the older and quieter part of the Interlaken area. Interlaken being a tourist destination can sometimes be a bit busy in its city center (to put it mildly…), where the watch and souvenir shops are located. Unterseen however is a soothing oasis of quiet. Once you cross the Aare river direction north, you will be able to tell that the buzz calms down and once you arrive on the square of the Stadthaus (Stadthausplatz) you believe yourself in a different city. Well, factually you are and it feels good in the warmer season to sit down on the patio of the Stadthaus and enjoy the in-house brewed beer called the "Stedtlibier". Or alternatively have a glass of wine on the patio of the Benacus, one of the top restaurants in the Interlaken area (as far as I am concerned, the best one). This is a perfect opportunity to wind down after a brain-racking day dealing with flight procedure design :-)

The Restaurant Benacus by night
There is a number of good hotels in the very vicinity, ranging from two-star to five-star locations, all not more than a 10 minute walk away, some way less than that. A list of hotels is communicated in our venue brochure that we send to course participants when the course takes place in the Stadthaus.
Of course, as usual in ANI courses there is a coffee machine in the course room and coffee and tea is permanently available. The cool thing is that for a change, course participants can also go downstairs to the Restaurant to have a quick drink if needed (for example after the reversal procedures theory…). The two Schudel Restaurants are widely known for their top quality food, prepared fresh with everything made in-house, even the bread. Eating out in Interlaken? This is as good as it gets - in a relaxed and casual atmosphere for a very fair price.

Now for the exciting part:
We shall offer three different options to include meals in course bookings.

Lunch package:
Lunch in the Stadthaus Monday to Friday for a flat rate of CHF 95 per course week. This includes a starter or salad, two options for a main course (one vegetarian), 3dl of mineral water and a coffee. This equals to CHF 19 per lunch and is yet to be found anywhere else in Switzerland at this price and quality.

Full board package:
This includes the above lunch package plus a dinner at EITHER the Benacus or the Stadthaus Monday to Thursday evening. We do not include Friday as some people do not stay in Interlaken over the weekend. The dinner will include a three-course meal with starter, main course and desert. Not included are drinks in the evening. The full board option is available at CHF 235 per week per person.

Dinner only package:
For those who only prefer a fruit or a sandwich at lunch but like a good dinner, the dinner option is available. Again, you can choose on a daily basis whether you eat at the Benacus or the Stadthaus and the flat rate includes a dinner from Monday to Thursday. The dinner will include a three-course meal with starter, main course and desert. Not included are drinks in the evening. This is available at CHF 140 per week per person.

If you have any dietary requirements or preferences, no problem, just let us know. The Benacus and Stadthaus teams will deal with it. I really look forward to this. The first course that will be held at the Stadthaus is the PANS-OPS basic course,  October 19 to November 6, and November 30 to December 18, 2015. I am fully aware that the above tease regarding having a drink on the patio will most likely not apply to this particular period :-)

Stadthaus Restaurant inside
Stadthaus shaded west patio