Monday, October 10, 2011

After the death of Steve Jobs

People who know me know: I am an Apple user. I know both worlds and I was always of the view that Apple is less time-intense regarding support etc. especially for small businesses. But that is a personal view based on some experience. No need to discuss that.
However, whenever there is an article about Apple and especially now after Steve Jobs' death I always read the comments from the readers of the online news platforms.

The anti-Apple community always tell something about Apple users being fanatic and would act as following a religion. It's funny, but my impression is that these anti-Apple guys are way more fanatic than the Apple users. Also I don't see too many Apple users commenting away on online platforms and bashing Microsoft and Bill Gates. But that's probably why their computers actually run and are not downloading Service Pack Nr. 247 (See, I am the exception to the rule above...).

One of the funniest recently was a guy stating that Apple was never innovative and would never be. If that is true I really wonder why all smartphones developed by Samsung etc. look like an iPhone clone...

I don't understand why people cannot simply accept that a guy like Steve Jobs is very rare and that his visions led to something that is definitely a unique achievement. I have greatest respect for such personalities and that actually also includes Bill Gates.