Thursday, September 01, 2022

2023 "core" courses scheduled

We have scheduled what we call the core courses of 2023. These are:

  • PANS-OPS Basic
  • Advanced PBN
  • Heli PinS
  • PANS-OPS Recurrent/Refresher
  • Flight Validation Pilot
1. The Basic Course of the spring semester now starts later. Starting date is March 1, followed by the 2-week video lecture phase. Then the one-day initiation webinar will be held, before we meet in class some weeks later. Like this the 2 basic courses are more equally distributed over the year.
Also Note: Do not ask us for onsite or additional date private Basic courses. We will not do that as it is logistically too complicated. 

2. The Heli Pins is now a full week as the material in PANS-OPS is more extensive and needs more time.

Please check back later for other courses like ARINC 424, CRM Master Class, AIS/MAP, Regulating IFP, IFP for Managers. We can only schedule them later for coordination reasons.