Friday, January 06, 2017

IFP Conference Lisbon, June 6-8 2017 - Registration open!

Dear All,

As previously announced the above event will be organized by us and we open the registration for the event now. Again, this is not a commercial operation, the participation fee is charged for the organization and the overhead cost. The participation fee is 300€ per participant for the event as a whole or partly. Please note that we only have 40 seats available, the conference is likely to sell out quickly. You can download a brochure and a registration form.

As you can see in the info brochure, we also have reserved two speaking slots of 20 minutes for participants. People who think that they have an interesting issue/topic to share and discuss with the community can ask us for the slot. We will decide based on our own absolutely biased and non-neutral judgement.

Potential presenters please note the following:
You MUST go through the presentation technique lecture of ANI first.
The slot of 20 minutes MUST not be stretched. If you go too long, we will cut you off. As a rule of thumb you can count 7 to maximum 10 slides if you use presentation software.
DON'T EVEN THINK about using bullet lists or more than 20 words per slide. If the presentation means anything without you speaking, it is not a good presentation. You are the show, not the slides.

We will capture hot topics in the conference proceedings and make sure they get fed into the correct channels (ICAO, Eurocontrol, EASA etc.) as appropriate.