Friday, January 25, 2008

Busy times ahead

Okay Folks, that was the Christmas-New-Year-and-a-little-time-thereafter Season. Looking back at the best year in the 12 year history of the ANI. But more importantly, here is what is coming up: Next week I look forward to running a full level 3 RNAV course in London, followed by another full PANS-OPS update course in Geneva, followed by a PANS-OPS basic part one here in Thun. Right after that I'll go to Montreal to attend the IFPP and when I am back I will be busy preparing the move of my domicile and the ANI headquarters. Having done that, the guys in the basic PANS-OPS course will return for part 2...

So, why am I telling you all this? To show off? Yes of course. But also to let you know what's happening and to have an excuse if I don't post many blog entries over the period.

By the way, for those procedure designers out there who are a bit slow: The latest version of PANS-OPS is fifth edition including Amendment 1 PLUS Corrigendum Nr. 1.

So long!