Thursday, August 02, 2007

New APV/GBAS course

Hi All,

I am sorry I was quit for so long but I was teching a PANS-OPS course and also creating lectures for the online course.
This is to announce that we have now established the training program for what we call "Procedure Design Level 3" (Level 1 is conventional procedures, Level 2 is ILS and RNAV basic procedures) is now finished.
What falls under Level 3 are the courses "APV/GBAS" (1 week), PBN (Performance Based Navigation) including RNP AR (2 weeks).

Currently I have now scheduled the APV course: It will take place June 30 till July 4 2008 in Switzerland. The location will be the University of Bern or alternatively a hotel in the vicinity of my home. It will be decided a bit later. I already have registrations for the course, so be aware that it might sell out relatively quickly.

Tuition fee for the course is 1100€.