Saturday, August 26, 2006

ARINC 424 in Wellington completed!

We had a successful operation down in Wellington New Zealand with a class of 15 people from the South Pacific area. Christian should be home by now, flying from Wellington via Auckland and Los Angeles to Z├╝rich, to arrive just in time for his best friend's wedding :-) Enjoy the party man, you deserved it!

Friday, August 18, 2006

for you, for you, for you...

When driving around in the city I often pass construction sites with big signs saying "we are building for you" or "we are renovating for you". "That's nice of them!" I always think. Yesterday I had the fantasy of stopping at a place where it says that "they are constructing for me", walk in and say: "mmm, let's see.... so that's the bathroom, right? No, I don't want the bathroom here, it's gotta be over there. And this room here, didn't I tell you I wanted it bigger?? If you are building for me, you better listen to what I want!" The problem is, that you might bump into another guy who was inspired to stop when reding the big sign. Unfortunately they are also building for him: "What do you think you're doing? Why the... are you moving the bathroom?? Which guy said so? This guy? Who is he??".
So, in my fantasy I decided to leave as I don't want to share "my"building with somebody else. So I sit in my car and drive, then get overtaken by a van saying: "The Tubic Co. Ltd. YOUR Partner for tube constructions".
Oh pleeeease! Let's not even get there! I already have a partner and I don't need another one. And certainly not for tube constructions.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Update from the frontline

A regular blog reader kicked me verbally this morning and said it was about time to make a new entry. Fine... okay, let's see...
The general situation is: The British seemed to have destroyed a major plot for some fanatics, which I appreciate. The Israelis have stopped bombarding their neighbors, which I appreciate. The weather has become warmer, which I appreciate. Otherwise we are working with all engines running on different levels. The basic PANS-OPS class is now in the practical phase of part 1 (which means I can write this blog entry while they are working..., which I highly appreciate by the way). At the same time we are in the process of preparing 2 courses, both starting next Monday. One is a PANS-OPS recurrency for a class of 16 people and the ARINC 424 in Wellington/New Zealand with 15 people. So here is also the reason why the blog entries didn't happen on a more regular basis. Otherwise it will be interesting to see how fit the class from the basic course is when they return to the more complex part 2 in a month.
So long, keep the mood up folks.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Floyd Landis, you are pathetic!

Not that I ever cared about cycling. I can't appreciate a sport where they burn about 11'000 kcal per day and the body can only absorb about 6000 kcal with food, therefore the compensation is done with a glucose-infusion. How stupid can one be?
However Floyd, I followed it when you were buried alive trying to pedal up that hill. You were literally dead. You were not moving and everybody said that was it. Landis has just bargained his chance to win the tour. The next day: whoooaa, what a wonder!! He rushes, he flies, he massacres the rest of the tour. Funny enough it was that day you were tested positive for Testosterone. You said it was natural stuff, produced by your body. But it was proven that it was synthetic. Fact is, you took drugs, man! The officials know it, YOU know it, THE WHOLE WORLD knows it honey! Everybody witnessed it live on TV. Don't you get it? What are you trying to prove now? Do you really believe anybody is ever going to believe you?
I have to repeat one of my statements, that he who still fancies watching the cycling sport must be even more stupid than the cyclist pros themselves. And being as stupid as you are Floyd, I am sure that hurts.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Copenhagen Dates for INM Course published

As announced earlier, there will be a course for the Integrated Noise Modelling tool in Copenhagen. It will take place 17./18./19. October. Let me know if you are interested. The INM is a Noise Modelling Software distributed by the FAA and it's quite powerful and not expensive. The user licence is 300$ USD.
Other course options are September 13-15 in Taipeh or October 4-6 in Burlington/Maine.
Again, if you are interested in getting the INM or going to a course, I'll be happy to help.