Monday, December 16, 2019

SBAS Course in Canberra March 16-20, 2020

Dear All,

This is to announce an SBAS PANS-OPS procedure design course in Canberra/Australia March 16-20, 2020. The Instructor of this course is Robert Bukovics. We have about 8 places on top of the already registered students. Tuition fee is CHF 2000 per student. The rudimentry rundown is shown below. If time permits, Robert will also cover an overview of GBAS procedure design.
Registrations can be made by email directly to training(at)

Setting the stageSBAS function principle and existing SBAS systemsDifferential GPS, existing SBAS systems in the world certified SoL and what they can be used for.
CriteriaSBAS APV-I Design criteria for a procedure to LPV minimum based on APV-I performance
CriteriaFAS Data BlockEncoding of a FAS Data Block
Mastery TestAPV-I procedureDesign an SBAS APV-I procedure manually in a given sample scenario
CriteriaSBAS Non-precision approachDesign Criteria for a procedure to LP minimum
Mastery TestSBAS Non-precision approachDesign an SBAS to LP minimum manually in a given sample scenario
CriteriaSBAS Precision approachDesign criteria for a procedure to Cat. I minimum
Mastery TestSBAS Precision approachDesign an SBAS Cat I procedure manually in a given sample scenario

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Refresher/Recurrent activities 2020

Dear Flight Procedure Design Community,

We have two events covering Recurrent/Refresher needs for 2020 at this time.

1. Recurrent/Refresher course at the ANI Training Center in Interlaken in March

5-day course to cover the essentials from AMDT 7 (refresher), AMDT 8 (recurrent) and give you an outlook to what will be coming in AMDT 9.

2. Recurrent Workshop at the ASAP premises in Pezinok in April

2.5-day Workshop to make sure you understand the material in AMDT 8. Depending on progress and time, refresh the AMDT 7 essentials and provide outlook to AMDT 9.

Details, exact dates, tuition fees and registration as always on the ANI website.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Check the new IFPDAVA Website

Dear IFPDAVA Members (and not-yet members),

We have updated the website to respond to the decision at the 2019 General Assembly of the Association, where it was decided to establish a Member only Area with individual password establishment. This involved a transfer to a new host, which is now completed. If you already are a registered Member, you still have to re-register on the new website in order to receive your password and to get access to the Member area.
New potential Members can also register, the approval of the membership will be done by the Executive Board. It is usually quite quick. Please also note that some Members have not received an invoice for the 2019 fee yet. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are still having some issues with the banking. We want to provide some way to pay by credit card in order to avoid transaction fees. Thanks for the patience.

Friday, October 04, 2019

End of the Discussion Forum on the ANI website

Dear All,

The ANI website discussion forum was eventually used as an exchange platform between experts in the international community. It was always a project that was meant to be "perpetual", meaning it is not a platform where I answer questions but where the community answers questions. It usually worked well, thanks for any contribution. Recently, we noticed a significant increase in SpamBots trying to register, which was not the case for a long time. Also for some reason the code sitting on the server was corrupted and the admin control panel is no longer accessible. After giving the issue a bit of thought I decided to stop the service. With the establishment of IFPDAVA we have a means of international exchange on a face by face basis at the IFP Conference every year. I think that beats any forum. If a forum is still desired we will first let IFPDAVA decide and secondly host it on the IFPDAVA website. It will not be possible to transfer the old database to a new forum due to the corrected admin control panel. Thanks for understanding.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Refresher/Recurrent course - Hong Kong

Dates: September 30 - October 4, 2019
Location: Hong Kong International Aviation Academy
Tuition Fee: CHF 1800 per participant

We will be holding the above course covering PANS-OPS Amendments 7 and 8 and also the proposed Amendment 9 as communicated by State Letter. The course cannot be registered from the ANI website, please write us an email if you want to participate.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

IFP QA Process Course in Tallinn/Estonia

We will provide a full IFP QA process course at the EANS premises in Tallinn. See the info about the course below. If you are interested in joining, please indicate so on
The dates are September 16 to 20, 2019, starting Monday midday, ending Friday midday.

Course duration:
4 working days, starting Monday midday, ending Friday midday.

Tuition fees:
CHF 1800 per participant

Course description:
This course deals with the more and more stringent requirements for QA in the development of Instrument Flight Procedures. It explains the QA process as set forth in ICAO doc. 9906 vol. 5 explaining all the required steps in the process. Furthermore the course provides an exemplary IFP design report, how it is created and what it should contain to ensure that all parties involved in the QA process have a complete and understandable document. Finally the course also points out what regulators should be checking when an IFP must be approved.

Topics covered:

Procedure Designer Qualifications and Training requirements
PANS-OPS vol. II QA Chapter
State Regulation of Procedure Design Service Providers
PANS-OPS vol. II QA Chapter
The IFP Process
PANS-OPS vol. II QA Chapter
The QA Process
ICAO doc. 9906 vol. 5
Documentation of a Flight Procedure
various real-world practices
ICAO doc. 9906 vol. 5
Ground validation/Crosscheck
ICAO doc. 9906 vol. 5
Coordination with Flight Validation Pilots
ICAO doc. 9906 vol. 5
Cost issues, pre-production FMS Navigation Database etc.
ICAO doc. 9906 vol. 5
Submitting a complete documentation to the Regulator
ICAO doc. 9906 vol. 5
Regulator tasks/verification/approval
ICAO doc. 9906 vol. 5

Terminal Objectives:
  • understand the QA process for IFP Design
  • identify the interfaces with stakeholders in the different stages of the process
  • establishing and documenting an agreed conceptual design
  • documenting the IFP, createing a skeleton IFP report template
  • documenting independent review, create a skeleton GV report template
  • documenting periodic review, creating a skeleton PR report template

Target Audience:
- Flight Procedure Designers
- Regulators overseeing Flight Procedure Design Service Providers


Romano Germann, one of the most experienced flight procedure designers in Europe with records designing procedures in Switzerland for skyguide and for ANI Services PinS procedures in Switzerland, procedures at Amsterdam Airport, VSS assessments in Taiwan, as well as coaching procedure design students in practical aspects.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Bye Stadthaus - it is time to move on

Exactly 4 years ago ANI started the cooperation with RenĂ© Schudel and the Stadthaus.  In the meantime we logged 72 instruction weeks there, several dinners and lunches and even held a full shebang ICAO IFPP meeting there. With the end of the spring Semester end of June this year, this successful cooperation comes to an end. Not that we had any problems there, the opposite is the case. We had brilliant 4 years. But it is time to move on. ANI soon moves to the new and own premises right next to Interlaken West, where we will start operations in August. It will be a state of the art training location with an infrastructure that will push the learning curve. Also we overhaul the training concept and will take it to the next level. Come and see.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Harder Challenge - Standings after spring term 2019

We have a couple of new competitors with outstanding times, showing that ANI Students are not only very clever but also very fit. The chance to make the top 20 ranking board with a time over an hour are shrinking to minimal right now :-)
Leader of the season 2019 is Haiyun Huang with 47'18" so far. But we only just started...

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

New ANI courses in the Fall Semester

I am currently writing the concept of two new courses that we will schedule in the Fall Semester.
The first one is "Regulating Flight Procedure Design", a one week course aimed at Regulators, helping them to perform their duties according to the State Responsibilities set forth in Annex 11 and all the consequences.
The second one is "PANS-OPS and IFP Design understanding for Managers". This is a course I long rated as unnecessary as I feared that it could be abused as a short cut for a full PANS-OPS IFP Design Training. In the mean time I think this will not be the case and in my opinion it is vital that Team Leaders, Section Chiefs and whatever they are called today have a rudimentary understanding of what is happening in their teams.
Watch out here for further information very soon. It is also highly likely that we will provide another advanced PBN course in the Fall Semester. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

IFP Conference Agenda published

The IFP Conference/3 takes place in Dublin at the Headquarters of the Irish Aviation Authority June 11-13, 2019. Note that the session on June 13 is dedicated to the General Assembly of the newly founded International Flight Procedure Design and Validation Association IFPDAVA (, this is also where you can find the ToR of the association).
The event is jountly organised by the ANI and IFPDAVA. The program can be doenloaded from
the ANI website, where you can also register.

IFPDAVA Members benefit from a cheaper fee. Non-members can sign-up with the registration.
Members are entitled to send requests for the agenda or the General Assembly until April 30 please.
We look forward to seeing you in Dublin!