Monday, July 02, 2018

In Memoriam Jerry Robinson

Another Icon in the aviation industry has sadly left us. Jerry could only enjoy his retirement for a short period. Unforgotten are his anecdotes, his sharp mind, his contacts to the highest levels everywhere and especially his interest in the world, its history, its myths, its various cultures and languages. He kept asking me about words in Swiss German, so during a meeting in Montreux/Switzerland I found him a book explaining the Swiss German language in English and had it sent to his hotel room before the weekend. When I came back on Monday, Jerry greeted me in Swiss Germand and asked how my weekend was. In Dubai he went through the souk, where after an hour he got invited to about  five private homes for dinner and showed up at the meeting in a Kovtan the next day. Jerry wherever you are, I am sure you are already trying to find out everything about it. Save journey my friend.