Saturday, April 23, 2011

iPhone and iPad store the actual position in a file?

I am overwhelmed! What news!
All those guys who criticize Apple now: Don't you have more important problems? Do you know that pretty much all the smartphones do that? What's the deal anyway? Somebody could eventually see where I was if he got hold of my phone or could access my computer? Wow, unbelievable! All that somebody can see in such a file is what most people know anyway: I get around quite a lot. What do you want to do with that information? Send me tailored advertising email? I have a rigorous filtering system you won't have any luck with that. Send me a list of great restaurants for the places I've been to? I'd appreciate, eventually I'll try one the next time I will be in that location. And I'll even let you know so you don't have to check the logfile...
People are a bit paranoid. They publish every fart they make on facebook but then they get worried about a phone logging positions. All that logfiles tell anybody by the way is that the PHONE was there. I do not see what that has to do with the person.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

ICAO Technical Cooperation Programme - fancy 10 days in Grenada?

The ICAO TCB is looking for an expert to perform some duties/assessments/aeronautical studies on site in Grenada for 10 days plus 10 days at home. The work is mainly Annex 14 Obstacle Limitation Surfaces related.
Fully trained and experienced experts (as in: FULLY trained and EXPERIENCED!) could apply to join the Technical Cooperation Programme.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

To all financial departments

Who of you financial guys did start the habit that when you receive an invoice and you make a bank transfer for it, you let the receiving party pay the bank transfer cost? Are you aware that this is not quite legal? When I invoice amount X, I want to receive amount X and not X minus transfer costs. It a) triggers administrative costs on our side and b) is simply not correct. Companies that have that practice probably rely on the fact that such missing amounts (in the area of 12 to 15 USD)  are too small to initiate an action on it. Imagine how much a large company can save with this method, which is factually illegal.

Actually I have this mentioned as part of the terms and conditions when somebody submits a registration form. Therefore such practice is actually a breach of contract. In the future I will expand this paragraph and mention that failure to transfer the invoiced amount will result in an additional invoice, covering the missing amount plus an administrative fee of CHF 100. Let's see if that does the job.