Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Practical Geomatics on May 17/18

This is to announce the course dates fro the course "Practical Geomatics" with Dr. Martin Rayson. The course will take place on May 17/18 in Interlaken Switzerland.

The course will endeavour to deliver the practical aspects of geomatics with respect to the treatment of geo-spatial aviation data. The industry is reliant upon the use of coordinate based data to ensure safety management of aircraft movement in and around airports / airspace. This has particular relevance to ICAO Annex 14, Annex 15 and AIXM. Ensuring that the geospatial data has the relevant integrity is of vital importance for locating terrain and obstacle data plus navigation aids and airport facilities.
This course will provide the attendees with a series of practical case studies that will introduce the fundamental principles of geodesy and cartography. Geo-spatial data can be obtained from numerous sources referenced to numerous coordinate reference systems. Achieving a final homogeneous dataset from the original data is of significant importance if the data is to provide the correct meaning to procedure designers and thus aircrew.

You can download a course brochure here.

Would be great to welcoming you in Interlaken

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