Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poverty in Switzerland?

In the last few weeks I keep reading about "poor people" in Switzerland, almost on a daily basis. If you want to hear my opinion, these articles are a slap in the face of people living in countries such as Laos, Myanmar etc. There is no such thing as "poverty" in Switzerland. If one has pure water, hot and cold and roof over the head, one belongs to the 10% privileged people in the world already. If you tell some farmer in Laos he can have a tap with water coming out day and night in mineral water quality and he can chose whether it's hot or cold he would do ANYTHING for it. Of course there are people on the lower end of the income scale in Switzerland and they face the issues like high health insurance fees, high rents and generally relatively high cost of living. But that is not poverty. If people continue to think that a 50 inch flatscreen, a surround system, a DVD recorder and a playstation are basic needs for manhood, well then of course they will have a problem. But I am kind of fed up to see people complain who have really not much to complain about. People should learn again to understand what is a basic need and what is luxury.

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