Saturday, July 03, 2010

...and it's FOOTBALL, not Soccer!

Dear Americans,

Here is an important lesson for you to learn: There is no sport called "Soccer". The sport that was invented between the years 220 and 680 (yes, years with 3 digits do exist) is called Football. Nobody knows why you guys call a sport that was invented somewhat later (1869) and is played by motorbikers (that's why they wear helmets, not so?) football. It's neither played with the feet nor with a ball. If you called it American Rugby I am sure nobody would argue. I know some of you find football boring, but that's no reason to change its name. I find horse riding the most boring sport in the world, nevertheless it is still horse riding.
So note: The world cup played in South Africa presently is the Football World Cup. Soccer is a four letter word.
So watch the video where John Cleese (Monthy Python, A Fish Called Wanda, Wild Creatures, James Bond) explains exactly what I am saying above.

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