Tuesday, February 04, 2020

New Course - Advanced FVP

We have launched an advanced FVP course that will be held in the LH SIM Center in Frankfurt.
It can also be used as recurrent but has a different scope than the also offered FVP recurrent course. While the recurrent FVP focuses on an update on procedure design criteria and the exchange between acive FVPs, the Advanced has the following concept:
Before the course the participants receive an IFP package for studying and evaluation/preparation. The package will be a procedure that is a bit more complex then in the FVP basic practical (for example an RNP AR).
On day 1, the class will perform the pre-FV together based on the individual preparation of each participant and prepare the FV rundown. Day 2 is the Simulator evaluation day including the recording and day 3 is the post-flight analysis day and production of the validation report.
The details can be downloaded from the site: http://www.ani.aero/courses/advanced-recurrent-flight/

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