Monday, March 14, 2016

ANI Harder Challenge update

Dear ANI Students and Friends,

The winter will soon be over, the course semester has started and the first people are mentally getting ready to tackle the challenge. This is a good moment to give you an update.
We had a very competitive year 2015. There were five competitors that finished in under an hour, which made me lose my number 3 spot in the all time ranking.
Best of the year 2015 is Dan Bensoussan from the Israel Air Force with atime of 44' 20". The all time record however still remains untouched and could be difficult to even come close. Andreas Melsom Edvardsen from Avinor in Oslo is still the all time number one with 42' 46". Dan's comment was: "I have no clue where on the track I could be even a minute faster!" :-D
Timings are published on the restricted area for students on the ANI website.

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