Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's funny that people have the urge to split everything in periods of a day, a month, a year and at the end of the period they set some goals, look back at the period that has just passed. At the end of the year that is always very much so. Sometimes people act like one could wake up in the morning of January 1 and all problems are solved, diseases are cured and the clocks start from zero. I assume most of you know that this is not the case but maybe it is in the nature of the human being.
So, I will join the orchestra :-) and say thanks. Simply because I have a period of easy going and energy reloading. Thanks to everybody who was part of my life in this year and makes it what it is: Interesting and joyful.

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Minerva said...

Thanks to you for all the interesting stuff you teach and for the way you do it.
Happy Christmas from
Wish you a good and relaxed start in the new one.