Friday, June 13, 2008

Can you send me the detailed syllabus?

I always have to smile a bit at potential trainees making inquiries for a course. One of the standard phrases is "can you please send me a detailed course syllabus?". My immediate reaction (which I would never write to these guys of course...) is always: What for? If you consider attending the course, I would assume you don't know much about the subject, correct? If you don't know much about the subject, what do you want with the syllabus then? How can you judge, whether it's adequate or not? How can you judge, whether the course is for you or not? Interesting, isn't it? If you want to know the course OBJECTIVE, that's a different story. Because that is something meaningful. "Oh, in this course I learn how all the APV procedures are designed", that is something a potential student can handle. But if I send him a list like: "day three, GARP definition and Delta offset length, FAS datablock fields and their meaning", what for anybody's sake is a potential student going to do with this information? Impress his boss?
Another one that makes me really angry is: "Can you please inform me on tuition fee, course length and any other information". Hellooooo??!! Everything described on the website, documents for download so you can impress your boss (see above...). Recently I told somebody exactly that: All the info you are looking for is on the website with downloadable documents. Answer: I did not/do not have the time to read all this. My reaction: Ah okay, and I DO have the time to tell you everything again, when I have already made the info available?
Alright, enough complaints now. Maybe I am in a bad mood because of the bad weather and some physical pain that I have. Anyway, I am now off to Tokyo to teach PANS-OPS. Imagine there is a syllabus and nobody follows it? ;-)


Unknown said...

Hi Beat, maybe you should add to conditions for admission: The student must not be lazy to read :-)

Beat Zimmermann said...

true, I should even have put this in ICAO doc. 9906 :-D