Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Procedure Designer Vacancy in Brisbane

Hi All,

There seems to be an intersting job vacancy down in Brisbane for a private consultancy company. They are looking for a procedure designer to head up their procedure design team. As far as I understood, a candidate would have the possibility to establish structures and work processes, as the company only starts to be active in the procedure design field. Now, before everybody jumps, here are the catches:
An order from the Australian regulator CASA requires that a chief designer has the following pre-requisites:
1. A basic PANS-OPS training course with a CASA approved training provider (which I am not by the way. They ask for too much money to get the courses assessed). Currently, I know that Singapore Aviation Academy is on the list of approved institutions.

2. An advanced training course, as far as I know CASA, also at an approved institution.

3. A minimum of 2 years current procedure design experience.

However, if you cope with these requirements, or know somebody who does, please contact Tim Goodwin at Rehbein AOS:

Tim Goodwin
Aviation Consultant
Level 3, CBD House, 120 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley (PO Box 112) QLD 4006
P (07) 3250 9000 F (07) 3250 9001

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