Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Various news

While we are in the last stage of part 1 of a basic PANS-OPS course here at the ANI/ATMC facility in Fukuoka/Japan, we are working hard on the academic year 2007. The new concept for the initial training is starting to look good. As mentioned earlier, more e-learning will be required, also prior to part 1. That will free some time we will use for practical exercises with a ficticious simplified airport (just a couple of obstacles and a hill. These exercises will be used to put the theory into a practical context without any real world complexity. Then the practical phase will be as always, a real world environment, working with real maps.
Apart from the new Geodesy courses with Dr. Maurizio Scaramuzza and Dr. Alain Geiger. There are a few other new courses in the Pipeline for the second half of the year. One will be the "Procedure Design Level 3" which consists of Performance Based Navigation and APV (Baro-VNAV and SBAS VNAV). I will have to set the length, I am currently considering 2 weeks but it might as well be 3. Another course will be the Holding and Reversals Master Class. We are discussing whether we want to do this as a classroom course or online only. More on 2007 courses very soon. So long!

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