Monday, July 02, 2018

In Memoriam Jerry Robinson

Another Icon in the aviation industry has sadly left us. Jerry could only enjoy his retirement for a short period. Unforgotten are his anecdotes, his sharp mind, his contacts to the highest levels everywhere and especially his interest in the world, its history, its myths, its various cultures and languages. He kept asking me about words in Swiss German, so during a meeting in Montreux/Switzerland I found him a book explaining the Swiss German language in English and had it sent to his hotel room before the weekend. When I came back on Monday, Jerry greeted me in Swiss Germand and asked how my weekend was. In Dubai he went through the souk, where after an hour he got invited to about  five private homes for dinner and showed up at the meeting in a Kovtan the next day. Jerry wherever you are, I am sure you are already trying to find out everything about it. Save journey my friend.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

ANI announces AMDT 8 and Regulatory Framework Workshop in Oslo

In cooperation with Avinor, who will be hosting this at their headquarters location in Oslo, we announce a workshop covering the upcoming Amendment 8 to PANS-OPS, sharing some implementation issues when it comes to Helicopter IFR operations and the considerations for establishing a Regulatory Framework according to doc. 10068.
So Procedure Designers, Regulators and any other stakeholders in the IFP Process are equally welcome to join and share their experiences (or inexperiences for that matter) with us. The event will be led by Beat Zimmermann and Robert Bukovics together.
Dates: August 15/16 2018
Participation fee: CHF 400
Registration and more info via the ANI website.
Rundown and times, as well as venue downloadable from there.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

PANS-OPS training opportunity in Bucharest/Romania

This is to inform you that "Regional Air Suport", a young Romanian IFP company organizes a PANS-OPS training course with Greg Perris from New Zealand as the instructor. This is not an ANI operation, I just promised to assist the organizing company in promoting their event.
The course starts on July 16 and the first module is 4 weeks to cover all basics, ground based nav procedures. The second module is not scheduled yet, possibly in October for 2 weeks covering PBN. The price for both modules is 6700 €. Please DO NOT contact the ANI about this course, we cannot give any info.
Greg Perris the instructor is an experienced Flight Procedure Designer and the New Zealand Member of the IFPP.
For info, please contact, Mr. Dorin Ivascu.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

IFP Conference Barcelona - The final "final agenda"

I needed to shuffle a few speakers because of travel constraints. So I moved some of the speakers to different days. All in all, we should be good to go now. See you soon! Agenda can be downloaded here.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

IFP Conference Barcelona May 22-24, 2018 - UPDATE

We have confirmed the venue, Sala d' Empren at Barcelona Activa next to Glories Shopping Center. Furthermore, I can confirm some speakers. We will provide some continuity to last years conference. Attendees will remember that Dr. Yoshi Nakanishi, Associate Professor at Nagasaki University with a very long past in aviation as Chief Flight Procedure Designer has presented outcomes of his study "how Flight procedure Designers learn". He continued the study, part of which was also a survey made at the Lisbon conference. So this year, Yoshi will present the continuation of the study.

Then we had speeches from Martin Zillig to show database coding aspects in the PBN with xLS domain, followed by the cockpit side, shown by Airbus Avionics Engineer Patrice Rouquette.
This covered the first set of criteria for PBN in conjunction with xLS. This year we hope to have Robert Bukovics, the PBN Rapporteur of the IFPP giving an outlook on the next phase of the same criteria, namely RF legs to xLS. For continuity I would like to have Martin again to give some coding insight and then we will have Patrice showing the cockpit side for the new proposed criteria as well.

Other spekers will be Thomas Wede and Fabrizio Maracich, the topic will be the FVP perspective on reporting of Flight Procedures and information exchange between FVP and Designers.

I have some other requests made but cannot quite confirm yet. Check back for an update soon.