Monday, September 25, 2017

Sir Theo van de Ven has moved to another dimension

It is of course part of the game called "life" that we all get older and eventually die. Some of us leave bigger footsteps than others. One who has made an enormous impact was Theo and it was was a priviledge for me to know him and to be able to work with him for many years to pay back something to the industry that has made us what we are. Theo did an enormous amount of work for the international aviation community and I always admired his will to do something for the good of the community. Even if he experienced setbacks he would not be discouraged, always stay calm, friendly and focused and just continue the effort. It was always inspiring to work with him. A bit over two years ago he suffered from the loss of his loved wife and more or less at the same time received his own death penalty. Theo, I sincerely hope you did not have to suffer from pain in the end and you can continue your spiritual journey with your wife who you missed so much. Another icon in aviation has left the planet, good bye all the best for that last journey, my friend.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tentative ARINC 424 September 18-22 in Auckland/NZ

This is to inform that we are planning to hold an ARINC 424 course in Auckland/NZ on the above dates. We are still in the planning phase but as it is only two months to go, we wanted to spread the word as soon as possible. Information about the course, fees etc. can be found on the ANI website.
Please signal interest to us as soon as possible, so we can dispatch the classroom accordingly. Thanks.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Procedure Design Expert vacancy in Norway

The Instrument Flight Procedure Design office in Avinor is currently looking for an experienced designer to fill a two-year vacancy at their HQ in Oslo, Norway.
The duration is initially set to two years to fill planned leaves within the section, but halfway through the contract a decision on whether the position will become permanent will be made. 

Avinor offers unique design scenarios in some of the most challenging airports in Europe. The Instrument Flight Procedure Design office has an international staff consisting of several nationalities, including Hungary, Spain, Poland and Norway. The vacancy is planned to begin on November 1st 2017 and will be available
on shortly.

For any questions please contact

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

IFP Conference Lisbon was a success

This first event organized by ANI with the goal to have all relevant disciplines related to designing flight procedures in one room for a couple of days, allowing for sufficient time to discuss matters in a relaxed and informal environment was in my opinion a success. A lot of exchange of information took place, we learnt a lot and we had a good time. We shall repeat this on a regular basis as discussed in the Conference itself already.
Allow me a personal remark here: That some people who did NOT attend the Conference now get in touch with people who DID attend and ask them to share the presented material is a bit unabashed to put it mildly.
By no means we will disclose any material to anybody who was not actually present. It will be up to the presenter to decide if they want to share anything and if, we will make it available to the participants.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

External announcement - FPDAM Course in Rome

We were asked by a customer to share the quoted info below:

The anticipated amount is EUR 9500 for max. of 6 designers out of which 4 places remain vacant. Duration is  weeks, location at IDS in Rome, expected starting date at the beginning of July, still negotiable though.

Duration I would assume 2 weeks? 3 weeks? When we have the info, we can provide it here. Please DO NOT contact the ANI with regard to that course, get in touch with Viktor directly. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

IFP Conference June 6-8 moved to bigger venue

As the IFP Conference in Lisbon June 6-8 already sold out the 40 seat auditorium, thanks to the flexibility of NavPortugal we can announce that we moved the event accross the road to Nav's main building to an 80-seat auditorium.
This is great news because we still have a number of interested people who would like to participate.
An update on confirmed speakers:
Nils Lundström of GeomaticSolutions, Rapporteur of the IFPP CRM Working Group will speak about the Collision Risk Model work that is going on and will explain a few important things regarding obstacle modelling and number of obstacles used in a CRM run. Then we have Martin Zillig, Lufthansa Systems and ANI ARINC 424 instructor, who will inform us about the choice of ARINC 424 leg types in a combined PBN/ILS environment. To follow this up, Patrice Rouquette, Avionics Engineer at Airbus will explain the aircraft systems behaviour in the same environment. Procedure Design related we have a couple of real-world examples shown from Romano Germann, ANI Services Chief Designer regarding a Flight Procedure in ectremely complex terrain, as well as an example of a PinS Helicopter project. Romon Solé, IFP Designer at Pildo Labs will present another PinS example in complex terrain. Finally Frank Lumnitzer, Captain at Condor Airlines will present operational issues from the cockpit perspective in a PBN environment.

We still have a couple of slots to be allocated. We certainly want to have a speach about practical PBN implementation, as that is one of the burning topics today. Personally I just wanted to moderate the event but depending on what will be going on at the IFPP meeting in two weeks, I might be doing a briefing as well. All in all I want this to be an exchange of ideas for people in the procedure design domain and everybody should leave Lisbon satisfied and with the wish to have such an event on a regular basis.
Updated info file here.